The Gardens

Welcome to the gardens! Here we are growing many different plants that cover a wide range of uses: seasoning herbs, colors and fragrances for soap, ornamental flowers, medicine, and of course food. This is only a small selection of the plants and trees we are growing. There are just too many to list individually!



A splash of color on the front lawn.

These coleus are growing wild all over.

A Samoan gardenia with an intoxicating scent.

Jasmine is an essential fragrance found in our soaps.


Received as gifts, and lavished with care.


Amaranth's tiny grains find their way into our favorite soups.

The delicious avocados were not in season when this picture was taken.

One of our favorite tropical fruits.

Chocolate, the essential ingredient of life.


Called Annatto or Achiote, this new world plant gives us a glowing red-orange color.


Stealing the limelight, as usual.