About Our Soap

We make our soap the old-fashioned way with lye, in small batches, when the plants we use are at their peak.

After drying for six weeks, the lye is gone, and the soaps have cured to perfection. Then they are tested for mildness and wrapped to protect the delicate natural colors and scents.

This year we introduced several exotic new soap varieties to the world, including Pandan, Palmarosa Grass, Poha Berry and Wild Bamboo Orchid.

Our soap is vegan, no animal products or synthetic ingredients are added. We use coconut, palm, palm kernel, olive, cocoa butter, hemp, and shea butter, along with safflower, almond, evening primrose and avocado. Only pure essential oils from plants are employed for scent - no synthetic ‘fragrance oils’.*

All the colors in our soap came from plants grown in our own organic gardens. These delicate shades are not just beautiful and rare, these colors are nourishing to the skin, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. In the same way, the essential oils we use for scent also are antibiotic, antibacterial, and manifest other helpful effects on mood and memory, as well.

The goal behind the design of each individual formula is to create a soap that will delight the senses while refreshing your spirit and body, working in harmony with nature.
* We have learned that petroleum based synthetic fragrance oils can damage marine life, and we believe that it may also damage the DNA.