Aloha Soap Lover!

You have come to right place. My journey of learning to make the kind of soap I was always looking for began fifteen years ago. Wandering the paths of experimentation, hastened by intuition and curiosity, I encountered many wondrous sights, and many pitfalls, along the way. I have learned a few things about making soap in the tropics.

Once a year in the Fall I produce a limited edition of carefully crafted soaps from my original formulas. I make the kind of soap I had always wanted: a hard bar that lasts in the shower if kept reasonably dry, natural scents, carefully finished, nicely wrapped. A humble soul, I try not to be a snob about them, but it is difficult at times. They are very good.

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Soaps are $6 each. Shipping is via USPS Priority Flat Rate. We accept checks and Paypal. Whichever method of ordering you use, please include your name and complete mailing address with your order.